בר אבידן -מאמינה באהבה

He was looking at me.

“Are you happy?”

He asked.


I just finished cleaning a pile of dishes

While everyone was relaxing in their rooms,

I was checking the youngest one

To see if she has a fever,

Since she was coughing a lot.

A basket full of laundry

Was waiting for me to fold.


I could tell him one of the many clichés

About Happiness,

But it wasn’t me.


I could tell him that sometimes I’m

And sometimes I’m less.


I knew he won’t understand

If I tell him that

For me happiness is

In the small things.

In a hug,

In a smile,

In words.

In the flower that is blooms,

In a song of a bird.


“Are you happy?”

He asked.


“Sometimes I’m,”

I told him

“ Sometimes I don’t know.”


Image by digiceoRichard from Pixabay